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ccleaner 5.78.8558 crack free for you. In our world of modern technology, the web is full of a high number of contents that are harmful and not needed by our devices. These web contents get into our devices whenever we use our devices to surf the internet or through our storage devices like hard disks and flash drives. Though we try as much as possible to steer clear of such contents, the fact remains that, they exist in one way or the other in our devices.

 Furthermore, during web surfing or when an application is uninstalled on our devices, a lot of debris files still remains in the device hard disk area. These leftover files are sure of taking a toll on the speed and performance of these devices.

A number of software applications have been designed for the particular function of fully cleaning up these files along with other general problems. CCleaner crack is one of the top-rated software applications used for effective cleaning up of your devices- be it your personal computer, laptop or smartphone. It is quite popular among users because the cleaning up process of this application has been consistent over a long time.

The software application which does not eat up a lot of your computer space, comes equipped with a good number of features. It is very easy to understand with a user-friendly interface that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

CCleaner  Crack Plus Product KEY Free Download [2021]

It helps to thoroughly clean up any leftover data from deleted documents and uninstalled programs off your device, thereby boosting the speed and performance ratings of your device.

The software application is great at detecting when your device is not running at normal capacity. It improves on this by cleaning up the registry of the device, deleting unwanted files. It backs up necessary files in the registry as well.

It also carries out hard disk analysis. When the application detects that the device is not running at optimal capacity, it helps to analyze the contents of the hard disk and carry out an effective removal of all files deemed to be causing the device to slow down.

When you are surfing the net with your device browser, the application completely protects your private details such as passwords, business transactions, debit card PIN from been seen by internet fraudsters. It also carries out automatic detection and eliminating of trackers on the internet.

Having finished with your surfing, it cleans up all your browsing history such as the websites you visited, cache memory, web cookies, temporary files and any other file that needs to be cleaned up in your device browser.

It comes with an in-built file retrieval function that helps to retrieve files that have earlier been deleted. This retrieval function also comes in handy when information needs to be gotten off ruptured diskettes.

CCleaner pro key is easily available for download as it comes at no cost to the user.

The file defragmenting function of this software program is so fast as well as efficient. It splits your big files into smaller fragments, in an organized style, making it very easy for the user to spot and click on files. This in effect improves on the device speed.

It also keeps the user aware of the various software applications installed on a device that need to be updated to the latest versions.

Files that have been duplicated on the device also get detected and are removed or cleaned up by this application. This goes a long way in making sure the storage area of the device is free for optimal device performance.

With this application, the risk of your device been subject to a virus infection is reduced to a large extent. This helps in extending the life span of your device hard disk.

It is also capable of monitoring in real time, how much space is saved on your device whilst cleaning up files.

Features OF CCleaner 5.78.8558 Crack

    • It helps in the complete removal of traceable files that can be linked to documents and programs that have been deleted.
    •  It optimizes the speed of your Android and tablet devices
    • It helps in cleaning and backing up of the registry of the computer system
    • It cleans up any data considered as junk
    • It has an advanced cleaning up option
    • It helps in the removal of files that have been duplicated on the system
    • It is capable of Auto detecting and eliminating of trackers off the web
    • It helps to free up space in the computer system
    • It helps in cleaning files that are not needed by the computer system
    • It offers complete protection of private details whilst surfing the web
    • It clears up browsing history such as recently typed URLs, cache, temporary files and cookies
    • It helps in boosting up the speed of your computer system
    • It helps to fully uninstall unwanted applications
    • It has a user-friendly interface
    • The tools menu is equipped with an update function that is automatic.
    •  It engages in the rapid updating of all applications installed on your device
    • The scanning process can be preset to run manually, automatically or customized
    • It helps to detect and notify the user of system updates
    • It allows the user to make choices on the applications to update
    • The application comes in many languages
    • It helps to check the battery level as well the temperature of a device
    • It can calculate in real-time how much space is conserved by the computer during system cleanup
    • It supports all versions of Windows
    • It can retrieve files off disks that are ruptured
    • It can retrieve deleted emails and images
    • It possesses a disk analyzing function
    • It helps in identifying system problems related to speed and performance
    • It helps in files defragmenting.
    • It speeds up start-up time of any application

System requirements

    • It runs on all Windows editions: XP, Vista, 203, 2008, 2012, 7, 8, 10 ; be it 32- or 64-bit
    •  supports Mac operating systems of 10.6 above as wel
    • Intel processor speed of 1.5GHz above
    • It requires no specific RAM memory space as it does not take up so much space


Installing this application is done in the following steps;

    • Download the setup files
    • Extract the needed installation files
    • Run it.
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Conclusion:CCleaner pro crack is the best utility software tool for cleaning up junk files on your device. It also increases the life span of your device by boosting the speed and performance.

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