Folder Guard Crack License Key {Full Version [2021]

Folder Guard 22.3 Crack + Keygen {Windows + MAC} Latest 2022

Known as a high-end program for file securing, Folder Guard 22.3 Crack is ideal for keeping all your folders and files secure. The software allows password protection that is secure and keeps you safe from hackers and troopers. The best part of it all is that you are also able to make use of the latest version to hide all your important files.

Arranging with this software is straightforward. There is a useful committed wizard that takes you through the entire process. The same wizard is the one that helps you out in the setting of a secret key for each of your organizers.

Why Folder Guard 22.3 Crack?

This is one of the most powerful computer programs for your security. It comes in handy for controlling access to your folders, files and any other window resources in your PC. As mentioned, this software has useful tools and features for locking your personal folders and files with the use of strong. This is an effective and sure way of preventing other users from getting into your files and records.

The software also has a feature that allows you to completely hide your private folders. When you do this, all of these folders are going to remain invisible in all applications. The only way one may be able to view files is by keying in a password.

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It is a great program that also enables you to protect any sensitive files in your system from any kind of destruction or modification. The software combines this feature with restricting access to your control panel and removable drives.

Folder Guard Crack License Key {Full Version [2021]

The benefits

    • It works with all types of drive formats. The software also supports all Microsoft Windows latest versions.
    • It is an easy program to understand. It makes use of plain English which means that you do not have to be a computer geek, expert or professional to use it.
    • It performs regular updates whenever there is a need to do so.
    • It allows users to switch to a view that displays only those files that are protected. This is highly beneficial in that it makes management easier.
    • The software enables easy handling of filters as well as setting all files to extensions that are uniquely specified. With these specifications, you are then able to set to either inaccessible or protected using your own password.
    • Allows modification of folders depending on what you want. Here, you are able to specify read-only for all your protected files.

Amazing Features of Folder Guard Crack

  • Has a create hotkey feature which enables immediate disabling of all your lock settings put on your folders.
  • The interface is user-friendly and simple.
  • All Microsoft Windows versions are supported.
  • The software has a feature that allows one to manage the access of users to folders, and other different resources.
  • You should be able to work perfectly even when you are in stealth mode.
  • Its security is on point since it protects all your data from access by unwanted individuals.
  • The software enables you to create master passwords that let you to directly unlock your folders and files.
  • Has a feature that protects all your data from any destructive programs or virus.
  • It gives users the ability to hide all their private data from any suspicious and malicious apps.

Uses of the software

    • Locking of folders with strong passwords

As mentioned above, this software allows you to lock all your personal folders with a password. This means that you as the user is the only one who is going to be able to open these particular documents and files that are contained in that folder.

    • Hiding of folders and files

The software allows you to hide any file or folder of your choice. It remains hidden and unseen to all applications like Office, Windows apps as well as MS-DOS programs.

    • Restricting file access based on the type

The software can be utilized especiall when it comes to limiting access to a given class of files. For example, you can choose to limit operators by limiting their access to JPG image files until you give your approval.

    • It allows co trolled access even to external drives

If you do not want anyone to copy your private docments to a USB drive or detachable flash, then this software can come in handy for you. The same thing applies if you do not want individuals to install any illegal software in your PC. Until you give your approval, this software prevents such processes from taking place.

    • Protects your data from any kind of modification

Other than PC viruses, unauthorized individuals may end up extinguishing or altering your document or files. This may be done either unintentionally or intentionally. The software gives you the option of making your files and folders read-only. When this is done, no modification is going to be possible.

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    • Disabling of your control panel

If you do not want any other operators or users to mess with your PC’s configuration, this software is able to limit their access. On top of this, it also limits their access to the diverse configuration tools that are in your operating system.

System Requirements

    • Works well on Microsoft Window, XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.
    • The processor should be a minimum of 2.0GHz.
    • Minimum RAM space of 2GB
    • Free disk space of 1GB.

Installation of the software

    • The very first thing that needs to be done is to download the cracked file.
    • Extract the archived file.
    • Run the extracted crack.exe file.
    • Complete your installation.
    • Start the folder
    • Provide the serial number from the cracked file
    • Start enjoying the software.


Folder Guard 22.3 Crack is widely known for its ability to protect all your devices including portable ones Like USD drives, SD cards, Flash drives and many more. Once you install you, you will be able to hide your data, secure it as well as lock your files and folders from unauthorized access.

It’s one of the most trusted software that works well by blocking all unauthorized users from gaining access to your data. It makes use of the latest security techniques so as to prevent any adware, spyware, malicious attacks and hackers from gaining access.

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