iBackupBot Crack + License Key Torrent Latest [2021]

IBackupbot 8.2.0 Crack + Serial Key 100% Working [2022]

iBackupbot Crack + License Key Torrent Latest 2021

iBackupBot 8.2.0 Crack is amazing application software that performs the duties of a system manager. It has an operating system that functions at its best with Apple products. iBackupBot also has a version for Macintosh devices. With it, you can explore local backups of iOS devices and recover files or settings without necessarily fully restoring the system. This premium app comes with an in-built contact editor that enforces your control over the backup. This multimedia software application was created and is maintained by iCopyBot.com which is made up of a team of young entities who work with VOW Software Company Limited. It is a software that makes it easy to browse, export files, view documents, backup files and modify iTunes backed-up files. It is virus-free and has a 100% clean rating. This software sets up a strong backup for your crucial data and personal information. The backup takes into cognizance all important data including your contacts, call history, videos, pictures, widget settings, voicemail, safari bookmarks, text messages, and notes. So whenever you want to modify or view your data without unnecessary delay, iBackupBot is your best option.

This multimedia software application also comes with an admirable, yet simple layout which makes its interface quite famous. Its license key comes with various editors and with it you can view, export and edit them in iBackupBot’s in-built plist editor, text editor, hex editor, image viewer, call history viewer, database viewer, notes viewer, SMS message viewer, address book and much more. It allows you to tailor the carrier name of your device’s time string, dock type and game data. You can carry out the same functions of browsing, exporting and viewing files with this software application’s in-built Media browser, its media files which include photos from its camera roll, voicemail, voice memo, multimedia SMS message and media files of various applications.

This software works efficiently for iTunes as it helps it function at its best. By connecting your iPod, iPad or iPhone to your PC and selecting ‘backup’, specific files and settings automatically get backed up to your system. This information can be restored at will. You will enjoy this feature equally if you get a new iPod, iPhone or iPad and want to transfer the settings and files from the old to the new. You could also just imagine the situation you would be faced with if your Apple product developed a fault or got missing. As long as you have backed up your device using this software, you don’t have to bother about crucial data being lost.

According to research, prior to the creation of this software application, the only option available was to manually restore all information and data from one device to another. With this software’s invention, you can view, select and modify your files and decide which ones you want to keep or trash before you load them to your new device. Some new features allow you revamp game data and change hidden settings on your mobile device.

iBackupbot Crack + License Key Torrent Latest 2021

Some other interesting things you can do this software are the following:

    • You can share or export data to your friends as a way of having a backup copy
    • You can have several backups for your iPod, iPad and iPhone
    • You can have multiple backups for your devices
    • You can eliminate recent email addresses
    • It helps you to eliminate single call history from your device
    • It allows you to export iTunes backup from your PC’s folder for future use
    • You can move an iTunes backup to your PC folder to be used at a later time of your choice

Like all other software applications, this also has its system requirements:

    • iTunes 8.0 or a more recent version
    • CPU 1 GHZ
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 8.1
    • Windows 10
    • Windows XP
    • Mac OS 10.6
    • Mac OS Sierra
    • OS X El Capitan
    • OS X Mavericks
    • OS X Lion
    • OS X Mountain Lion
    • OS X Yosemite
    • OS X Snow Leopard
    • Free disk space of 10 to 20 GB
    • 8GB RAM
    • It requires either 32 Bit or 64 Bit
    • It works excellently with an iPod, iPhone or iPad that has iOS 2.0 or a more recent version

This software allows your device function in the following capacities:

    • You can view, browse and export media files with its in-built media browser. Media files you can browse include SMS messages, photos from your camera, voice messages, memo, call history, viewer, notes and address book
    • It lets you browse through all crucial backup files and easily access the ones you are looking for

The latest version of this software comes with some unique features:

    • It comes with a bug-fix for Windows Operating System
    • It has release notes that were not available during the listing update

How much does the premium version cost?

To get the premium version of this software, you must be ready to part with $35. It comes with a 7-day trial period. However, you don’t necessarily have to make that purchase. Visit a verified website today and you can have it for free.

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    • It is easy to use
    • It works with various types of files
    • It can select the items to be backed up
    • It runs continuously in the background


    • It performs its backup at inconvenient times
    • It does not open or read data
    • It backs up every time your device is connected to a PC
    • It takes up a lot of memory space


Due to the sensitive nature of Apple products, iBackupBot 8.2.0 Crack is an essential software application that comes in handy for users of iPads, iPhones and iPods. It is the best solution provider for challenges you may already be tired of facing with editing, browsing and transferring of backed-up files to your iTunes library. There is no need to be afraid about losing valuable data or information anymore and you can also rest assured that your sensitive data will stay safe. Its ability to edit programs without wasting your time is an added advantage that you should consider.

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