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 Lumion Full Pro 13.6 crack software was originally designed by architects for use by architects but now, it is an application that is widely used by anyone. People in the engineering sector, landscape designers, graphics designers, video and film makers and even enthusiasts who have an interest in designing.

It is the most sought-after image rendering software application by the big architectural companies around, as it helps to boost work productivity by cutting down on the amount of time needed by architects to create stunning design models.

It is a 3D visualization tool that is simple in its design and comes with several great features installed on it.

The user interface is very friendly and easy to understand as the user is put through well planned tutorials. You can also use the application without necessarily going through the tutorials and within a few minutes, you are equipped with the capacity to create very attractive aesthetic images, high-quality 3D videos and fast speed 360 panorama.

This software comes with an extensive library of editing tools and visual effects used by professionals when they want to apply environmental effects, area lighting effects, landscapes, shadows, model placements as well as editing of scenes. Furthermore, the addition of outdoor and indoor objects, trees, lawns and living things is also made capable by this application.

The application is also capable of been compatible with other 3D designing software applications.

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You can create an immersive video atmosphere by using this application. You just make use of the mobile virtual reality feature of the application with GearVR and Oculus Rift headsets helping get that desired atmosphere experience.

During editing, the real-time modifications feature allows the user to corrections to a design model whilst working on the design at the same time. This is mostly appreciated by the architectural industry as it helps in saving time to deliver drawing projects.

With the aid of this application, you can be sure of getting that real-life effect in your designs. The design models could be 3ds Max, SketchUp, Revit, Rhino. You can also use the application to easily convert design models into videos as well.

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The application also comes with quite a number of in-built design templates and samples, which the user can use in the creation of models and videos.

The Cloud storage feature is also a part of this software application. It allows for easy sharing of design models anywhere, anytime and users can work on their models by using their laptops, tablets or their smartphones.

You can design by hand using this application as it comes with a hand drawing feature, which helps in making your designs look more real. You can also rotate your designs, giving you different angles where you might need to carry out some minor editing.

You can save your designs whether finished or not at any time. The advancements you make on your designs even when not through with them, ate also saved by default. It also helps to recover files you mistakenly deleted automatically.

Easy uploading of your videos to Dailymotion or YouTube is another feature enabled on this software. You can also share your designs on the social community exclusively meant for users of the application; MyLumion.

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 Features of Lumion crack

    • It creates designs at a faster rate in comparison with other software packages
    • It comes with a user-friendly interface
    • It comes with preinstalled design templates and samples
    • It allows easy sharing of image files and 360° panoramas
    • It supports all models from 3DS Max, Rhino and Maya
    • It is compatible with other designing software
    • It possesses image rotation features
    • The hand drawing feature is available in the application
    • Used in the creation of 3D Models, video animation and stunning graphic images.
    • It provides 3D visualization viewing
    • It provides real-time support for the live modification of 3D models.
    • It is capable of quickly producing impressive, high-quality videos
    • It enables users to realistically render many different scenes with accuracy and precision.
    • It comes with the additional capability for direct publishing of videos to Youtube or Dailymotion
    • It can be used without necessary training in graphics
    • It delivers you area lighting, shadows and line lighting
    • It can be used in the editing of large areas and adding textures to buildings
    •  It comes designed with other features like group saving and automatic file recovery
    • It can import files from CAD software packages such as Cinema 4D, DAE, FBX, SKP, and DWG.
    •  It has export plug-ins for Revit and ArchiCAD files
    • It has different color schemes
    • Provides direct export of SketchUp files
    • It has the blur function which is used for blurring any unnecessary detail from your designed model
    • You can add SKP files from SketchUp 2018
    • It renders workflow faster than any other program that does image rendering available in the market
    • It comes with in-built objects that are listed as indoor/outdoor objects, public transport, nature elements, pets, and so on.
    • You can carry out live synchronization when using the application
    • It makes use of cloud storage
    • The mobile virtual reality feature, aided by GearVR and Oculus Rift headsets, helps you in creating an immersive atmosphere
    • It uploads and render images to the social media community, MyLumion

System Installation Requirements:

    • Windows System: Windows 7, 8, 10(64-bit)
    • CPU processor speed of 3.0GHz above (at least 6000 Pass Mark points)
    • Graphics Card: 8,000 Pass Marks with 6GB memory
    • Compatibility: DirectX 11 and later.
    • : 16GB or more space for installation
    • Display Resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
    •  Disk: 20GB or more for smooth running of the application

Installation of the application

    • Download the Lumion Crack
    • Copy and paste the set-up files from the downloaded folder into your programs file.
    • Launch the setup files to start the process of installation
    • Run the application


 Lumion Full Pro 13.6 crack is a software application that is very popular with individuals and big firms who specialize in urban planning, graphics designing and engineering. It is known to be popularly used by architectural firms as sixty-one out of a hundred firms boost the productivity of their workforce by making use of this time saving application. It is easily learnt by anyone who is interested in creating stunning images and 3D videos in a matter of seconds.

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