Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key For Windows [Updated 2021]

Get Microsoft Office 2021 Product Key 100% Working Free Download

Microsoft Office 2021 product key text editing software is one of the widely used Windows Product across the world. The MS office 2010 registration keys or product key is used in activating a limited version of MS Office 2021 package. Once you have activated your edition of the MS Office, you can enjoy the important MS Office 2021 apps such as the MS word 2021, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel.

Why MS Office 2021 is Special?

Although Microsoft has introduced into the market earlier than popular products from Microsoft such as the office 2021, the MS 2021 is still seen as the most efficient and task-oriented edition of the MS office series. The MS office 2021 edition came with more advanced technical features and an enhanced graphical user interface which lets you do your work more efficiently and diligently.

Advanced Features of the MS Office 2021

  • Enhanced paste button which allows you to choose from among multiple options and this will help save your time and efforts
  • Advanced media and picture editing tools
  • The point “Broad Slide Show” boost feature-this allows you to broadcast your presentation instantly.
  • Sparklines and Slicer-these two are newly added features and will give you extra summery and significant information regarding your data.

The Microsoft Office 2021 Product Key

If the MS office 2021 that you are using is a trail or limited, then you need an activation key or a product key for your Microsoft office to be able to avail premium features which don’t come in a non-activated edition of the MS office.

Down there, I will share with you some of the working MS offices 2021 product keys that can help you activate your MS office suite.


MS Office Professional Product Key for 32-Bit Operating System











MS Office Product Key for 64-Bit Operating System





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Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key For Windows [Updated]

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Why You Need A MS Office 2021 Product Key?

If you are using Microsoft Office or any of its licensed products, then you need to have a valid product key. Without a valid product key, it won’t be possible to use a licensed key (unless you are using the free trial edition)

If you don’t have a legit product key, you’re likely to face these consequences:

  • Repeated reminders that will pop up every time prompting you to activate the product
  • Some important features won’t work
  • There will be no automatic updates on your computer
  • Some components, programs, and features developed by Microsoft will give you error messages or won’t run normally
  • You won’t be able to use the MS Virtual assistant

It is not just about buying MS office 2007 before you can use it, but you still need a valid MS office 2010 serial key to use this product. Lucky enough for you, you can still find a free serial key and you won’t have to spend your money.

Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key For Windows [Updated 2021]

How Can You Activate Your Microsoft Office 2021 Using A Free MS Office 2021 Product Key?

When you enter your MS 2021 product key, the wizard will give you two options to use in activating the product.

  1. Activating by use of the Internet
  2. Activating by use of the telephone

We will look at each of the two methods separately:

  1. Activate Using the Internet

Once you chose the option of activating using the internet, the activation wizard will automatically pop up and connect directly to the MS license service.

It will then go ahead to verify your MS Office 2021 product key.  If that key is valid, the product will activate. However, if the key is invalid, or it has been used before, you will get an error message.

The activation wizard will require that you re-enter the key. Below is a summary of how this method works:

  • You connect your computer to the internet
  • Enter the product key
  • The wizard will take some little time to verify the validity of your MS office 2021 product key

If this method is not working, you can resort to the second method which is the telephone method.

  1. Activating the Product using the Telephone

Below are the steps you can use to activate your product using the Telephone?

  1. First, locate the phone number which is printed on the product
  2. The phone number will enable you to connect to the Microsoft Support in your region or country
  3. Ask the Support team for a confirmation ID
  4. Ensure that your computer is powered and is running the Microsoft Office installation wizard
  5. When the activation wizard asks for the product key, select “Activate by telephone.”
  6. If you contacted the MS Support team and have not yet received the activation ID, use the telephone number that appears on the screen and now make the call.
  7. Input the confirmation ID that appears on the screen and press the Enter key
  8. At this moment, Microsoft will verify your Office 2021 product key confirmation ID and after that activate the product

What You Should Do If You’re Not Able to Find Your MS Office 2021 Product Key?

When you buy a copy of the Office, a product key will come with it. Below are the options to use when buying the product from Microsoft.

  • Download it online
  • Get it offline in DVD format

If you bought the product in a downloaded version, your serial key would be in your email box. Search for all the emails that emanate from Microsoft acknowledging that you bought a product from the Company, there you might find your product key. You will probably come across that email that contains a unique product key.

If you purchased the DVD format, your Microsoft Office 2021 serial key would be inside the DVD or CD box. If you open the box, you will get the key written on a card. In case the serial key is not written on the card, look on your DVDs cover as it might be posted there.

Your Microsoft Office 2021 serial key should look like the one in the format below:

microsoft Office Product Key: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX

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