Pinnacle Studio Ultimate + Crack + Torrent Free Download [2022]

Pinnacle Studio Crack is a video editing program. Release the power, precision, and control of Pinnacle Studio and edit your next production like a star! This completely loaded propelled editing suite makes it simple to edit crosswise unlimited tracks with unrivaled exactness and control. Explore many inventive impacts Color Grading, screen recording, advanced Video Masking tool, and so much more. Go beyond what you thought conceivable with Pinnacle Studio.

  • Advanced video editing and screen recording program
  • Loaded with pro-caliber tools including improved Color Grading controls and new Video Masks
  • Unlimited innovative potential outcomes with 2,000+ channels and impacts
  • Improved keyframing controls for exact editing
  • New work process efficiencies to streamline your editing procedure

Get exactness and control fully with advanced keyframing to tweak everything about your clips, changes, and impacts. Edit freely crosswise over boundless tracks in HD and 4K. Take advantage of extended Color Grading controls, 360 video editing, and more tools in Pinnacle Studio. Explore boundless imaginative possibilities with 2,000+ video impacts, filters, changes, including the premium effects collection by NewBlueFX.

Pinnacle Studio’s natural interface empowers you to streamline your work process. Spare valuable editing time with clip nesting, customizable shortcuts, and timeline efficiencies. Work consistently with the fantastic and customizable tools you crave.

Pinnacle Studio’s improved, the instinctive timeline loaded with incredible, pro-caliber features. Appreciate Video Masking, Color Grading, MultiCam Editing, and more tools regularly found in the professional video editing program, at a small amount of the expense. With advanced keyframing controls, you can adjust everything about your next video production. Get the complete exactness and control you desire with Pinnacle Studio.

Pinnacle studio crack loaded with pro-caliber tools and advanced artistic impacts to open your creative potential. Utilize new Video Masks to improve or delete objects inside your video, or change your production into an adapted movie with Color Grading. Set the tune for your task with dramatic impacts to transform the day into night, wipe out imperfections, and stabilize video, and much more. The imaginative possibilities are endless with the intuitive features of Pinnacle Studio.

This amazing gathering of applications with the intuitive tool, tutorials, and learning materials to guarantee you can begin quickly and be fruitful sooner. Streamline your work process with a personalizable workspace, create custom shortcuts, and edit consistently across over double monitor. Appreciate quicker multi-track rendering and better file handling taking advantage of your PC’s processing power and memory.


Highlight Features:

  • Color Grading
  • Stabilize Video
  • 360 Video Editing
  • Premium Effects
  • Screen Recorder
  • MultiCam Editing
  • Custom Split Screen Videos
  • Keyframe Controls
  • Stop Motion
  • Motion Tracking
  • Audio Ducking
  • Author DVDs

Features of Pinnacle studio crack + Keygen:

Timeline editing

Edit HD or 4K video projects crosswise over great tracks. Take advantage of Pinnacle Studio’s intuitive editing tools and correct color, include impacts, and change parameters straightforwardly on the timeline. Boost the productivity of your work process by effectively copying your customizations crosswise over clips, or utilize the new clip nesting feature to keep your workspace clutter-free.

Customize your workspace

Set quick access to the tools you utilize most to streamline your workflow. Work consistently crosswise over double monitors, make custom profiles, and modify screen resolutions.

Precise editing

Easily drag and drop media to the timeline or insert videos naturally with the slip tool for a definitive degree of flexibility and accuracy. Effectively scrub through the film to discover precise moments to replace or highlight.

Keyframe control

Use keyframes to modify detail about your changes and impacts with unmatched accuracy and control. Modify the speed of a clip or motion of an object to coordinate your vision. Keyframing engages you to customize your projects completely.

Set the tone with Color Grading

Control the feeling of your video and set the disposition with full-Color Grading abilities, adjustable down to the keyframe. Accomplish proficient level thematic impacts, and effectively copy your changes crosswise over clips. Color Grading enables you to totally change the feel of your video, draw focus to scenes or subjects, make corrections to the tint and brightness of your clips, and much more.

Video Masks

Video Masks are a progressive tool for everything from essential fixes like face blurring and subject improvement, to expert level edit like removing unwanted objects, making clones of subjects, blurring faces, and customizing innovative changes or impacts.

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Movement Tracking

Recognize and track objects and subjects with accuracy. Mark your purpose, press play to follow its movement, and afterward, effectively include your preferred overlay.

Mosaic Blur

Blur out faces, tags, logos, and more with Mosaic Blur. Use motion tracking to apply the cover instinctively to your subject as it moves inside the frame. At that point, customize the degree of distortion just as you would prefer.

Freeze frame

Feature a notable moment in your project with a snappy delay or leave an enduring impact on watchers with a paused snapshot.

Slow movement

Build anticipation and power in your videos with a slow-motion impact to include visual interest.

Quick movement

Accelerate your scenes to improve your storytelling. Make the illusion of a super-human, or transform original film into a timelapse.


Make a particular entrancing visualization to spellbind your watchers and reverse and replay to highlight an impact.

See what’s new in pinnacle studio:

  • New Video Mask Creator
  • New Text Masks
  • New Selective Vectorscope
  • New LUT profiles
  • New Clip Nesting
  • New Copy/Paste Color Attributes
  • Enhanced Keyframing
  • New Export Alpha Channel
  • New 360 Freeze Frame
  • New Create Animated GIFs
  • Enhanced Three and
  • Four-point editing
  • New NewBlue Audio Essentials
  • New Split Screen video templates
  • New Batch processing
  • Enhanced Performance
  • New Training material

System Requirements:

Operating system: Windows 10 recommended

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Processor: Intel Core i3 GHz or higher

RAM: 4 GB or higher

Graphics card:  resolution 1024 x 768, minimum 256MB VGA VRAM, 512MB or higher

DirectX graphics device recommended:

NVIDIA GeForce 700 series

Sound card: Windows-compatible sound card

Hard drive space: 8 GB HDD space for full installation

How to crack Pinnacle Studio:

  • After complete installation of the program
  • Start the Pinnacle Studio crack
  • Then enter the activation key provided in the downloaded file
  • Enjoy


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