Recuva Pro Crack + Serial Keys + Keygen Full 2021

Recuva Pro 2 Crack With License Key Full Version 2022 {FIXED}

Recuva Pro 2 crack is a Windows tool of outstanding value. It was developed by Piriform and was described by vnunet as ‘an effective tool for deleting or salvaging files we sent for recycling and deleted in the past.’ This award-winning software helps users to restore files that may have been deleted by an error from your PC. It recovers lost directory and when two files bearing the same name are recovered by it, it instantly renames them. It also recovers files, images, and documents that have been wiped out of your Recycle bin, internal drive, external drive, pen drive and memory card. Like other recovery tools, it looks for unreferenced data. However, if the operating system already wrote new data over the deleted file, recovery may not be possible. You can also use it to recover files and documents that were deleted by bugs, malware, viruses or when your PC crashes. It supports all kinds of file extensions.

Recuva Pro Crack + Serial Keys + Keygen Full 2021

recuva free download full version with crack

The professional version works with many types of files like EFS, NTFS, NTFS5 FAT12, FAT 16, FAT 32 and exFAT. The moment the results come up on display, you will be allowed to use designs that are Explorer-based to work through the track and folders with the exact files that you are searching for. You can also use the search option that is made available.

recuva crack, unlike many other file recovery software, can restore files from formatted or even damaged drives. With its flexible nature, it is a sure guarantee that your files will be recovered. This software’s professional key has a deep scan ability that goes through your system’s unit to trace files that have been deleted.

It has a protected overwrite feature that lets you destroy a file that you no longer want to carry your information. This can be used by industries and security agencies like the military to totally erase files. You can therefore rest assured that with this software, your data that must remain private will not leak into any one’s hands. more at Cubase pro crack

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The following is a list of supported formats for various file types:



    • PDF
    • PPT
    • XLS
    • ODS
    • XLSX
    • DOCX
    • PPTX
    • DOC


    • 7Z
    • ZIP
    • WIM
    • TAR
    • BZIP2
    • XZ
    • GZIP

To avoid ambiguities, here is a list of data types that can be recovered:

    • Files from hybrid hard drive (HHD) and solid-state drive (SSD).
    • Word documents, Microsoft Excel and text notes
    • E-mail data on Windows, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express and Live Mail.
    • Mobile data files on Android to include videos and photos that may have been deleted from the phone’s internal memory

Key features ofrecuva with crack :

    • You can recover your data from memory cards, digital cameras, CompactFlash cards, SD cards, Smart Media cards, etc.
    • With its step-by-step approach and recovery options, you can choose the category of files you want to recover; be it music, images, documents, videos, emails, compressed files or any other type if you know where it is located.
    • It has advanced deep scan features that go through your disk to eliminate files that have been deleted.
    • It has an easy-to-use interface.
    • It has the capability recover files from damaged or formatted disks.

These are cases in which you can effect a recovery:

    • If files have been removed from the system’s recovery bin
    • In the case of a phone’s internal memory, this software creates an image of your device’s internal memory. This enables it to connect a disk like a normal memory stick or SD card to carry out the recovery
    • It recovers files to specific locations and in exact formats

In the new Recuva Pro version:

    • You can retrieve files from formatted drives
    • You can restore files from damaged drives.
    • You can recover files that have been permnently deleted
    • It has an improved system that supports Ext3 and Ext4 files
    • For Windows OS, it enhances the security overwrite
    • It has an improved partition and drive detector
    • Its keyboard has a better navigation system
    • It tackles minor bugs
    • It has minor improvements to its GUI


    • With this program’s user-friendly interface, it does not need users to be tech-savvy skills. Anybody can use this software to carry out a data recovery process. It easily navigates through each page to pick out files to be deleted.


    • It functions with Windows software which is available on almost all PCs. It can also be accessed on some Mac systems.
    • This software helps you save money. You don’t need a lot of money to enjoy its benefits or get a specialist that will help you clean up your system. It is very much affordable and easy to use even though it offers a lot of benefits.
    • It boasts of great speed and efficiency. In a few seconds of operating it, you see the results you desire. You don’t have to wait indefinitely. If you don’t get all you desire, you can do a deep scan which normally takes a little longer but will definitely give you the desired results.
    • Due to its easy-to-use download, installations can be done quickly and with your time saved.
    • It can recover all kinds of files from photos to videos, emails and documents.
    • It also provides options to overwrite documents and files considered highly confidential. This can be done to ensure vital information does not leak into the hands of the wrong people.


    • It cannot be fully relied upon as it does not always restore all files except you get the paid version.
    • Some files may seem totally unrecoverable except by a thorough search
    • There are instructions for new users but when you need to make more in-depth research, there is no help available in the program.


Recuva Pro 2 crack gives its users wonderful and affordable options for data and file recovery. It is advised to try it first before considering taking your PC to a repair shop. You should also consider it if you want to save money especially as it has a free version. It works with all computer brands and files. Also, think about its user-friendly interface which makes it more efficient.

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