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Prezi Pro 6.28.0 Crack Keygen [Mac + Win]

Prezi Pro 6.28.0 Crack is a cloud-based builder application that lets users easily create interesting presentations. This software is used to create smooth, high-resolution presentations on any device both online and offline. It is a whole new concept in the art of visual storytelling. This application is easy-to-use and a great alternative to PowerPoint. It is great for creating more persuasive, engaging, and secured online presentations on both Mac and Windows devices. Prezi Inc, a California-based presentation software company founded in 2009 is behind the development of this software. The company has a few other versions of the application, an example would be the business version which comes with real-time analytics among other functions. However, the Pro version has all the features found in all its predecessors and much more. Once the software is installed users can easily customize the application, and even change the Prezi logo to their company logo.

Key Features of Prezi Pro 6.28.0 crack full version free download

When one gets this product they get the advantage of a user-friendly interface capable of supporting various multimedia and working with modern technology. The software comes with many professionally designed templates that can be used instead of starting from scratch. A PowerPoint-to-Prezi converter is available for those wanting to import projects from PowerPoint. Like the other products made by the company, it works on any device and can integrate with complementary software.

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There is a large library of customizable graphs, charts, layouts, and graphics at the users’ disposal. For USD 13.25 per month, users get to enjoy premium support which includes 2GB of cloud storage space. Users can manage privacy and sharing settings, synchronize their data, collaborate, and present their work online. Presentations made using the app can be exported in PDF or PPTX format. A mobile device can be used to view and navigate the display in either 2.5D or 3D on a ZZ-axis. While Powerpoint presentations are linear, from A to B, Prezi presentations can have multiple paths from point A. Users get an unlimited canvas to arrange their ideas, so they get to present their stories in different ways depending on the environment. The open canvas is zoomable, so users can show the relationship between the big picture and fine details.


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Easy to use

Presentations help tell stories, market products, and convey ideas. At Prezi, they know that good presentation software allows users to engage, persuade and draw their audience’s interest. That’s why their software offers conventional solutions to creating presentations capable of doing just that. Users need not have a deep level understanding of designing or experience using the application for them to create great presentations. On the company website and YouTube, there are tons of tutorial videos to help new users get acquainted with using the product. Anyone can easily download the software, create a presentation and save it either locally or on the internet. During the presentation you could use a smartphone as a remote control, you can ‘pinch zoom’ in and out of pictures, videos, and parts of the slide to emphasize a point. One can also easily click, drag and drop items to make the presentation more lively, interactive, and captivating. There are simple controls to alter different aspects of the presentation, you can change the flipping times among other things. It is features like these that make Prezi Pro Crack presentation software futuristic in appeal and usability, as well as cater to the progressive nature of the world. According to researchers, this software is 25.3% more effective than PowerPoint (, 2019).


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There are many features of interest, but we’ll look at a few of the main ones that come with the pro version.

    • Users can create and share their work online
    • 2 GB Cloud storage
    • User-friendly interface
    • Accessible from multiple devices
    • Mobile devices can work as remote presentation clickers
    • Zoom review function to unveil certain details
    • Supports video, audio, images, and use of flowcharts
    • Built-in templates
    • View and edit your work both online and offline
    • You can import media items from Google and Flickr

System requirements

To run this software users need:

    • Windows XP/Vista/7/7 (32/64 bit) and Mac OS
    • Dual-core processor
    • 1 GB Ram
    • And not less than 2 GB of disk space

How to Install

To download and activate the interface, click on the download link found on the company’s website

    • Open and install the software
    • Go to the Keygen folder and run the Keygen Setup
    • Generate activation keys
    • Open the registration menu
    • Activate the application by inserting the keys
    • Start using the application.


There is no question that Prezi software is unique, one can say that this product is to present what 3D printers are to design. When compared with other presentation software, it offers users so much more in terms of features that help create impactful contemporary presentations. It allows for creative rediscovery by allowing open-ended freedom to build your presentation. Educators get to use it for free, as long as they are registered with an education institution, while everyone else gets a free trial. The trial version comes with enough features to function. However, the pro version has a lot more options for users to design and control their presentations, especially for official work. The ‘smart structure’ makes it a lot easier to arrange content without disrupting the layout. With a one-of-its-kind canvas, one can view and organize their whole presentation instead of a single slide at a time. This also means navigating through the presentation is much easier.

Rest assured this product is not hard to use, but one needs to be careful when rotating, panning, and zooming so as not to annoy the audience. There is also the pricing issue, compared with Powerpoint and other presentation software, at $159/year this product is a bit pricey. Needless to say, it’s not meant to replace Powerpoint. There are still a few functions that are not available on this interface like embedding charts and dynamic tables. However, there are ways to go about that, and it is a great new tool for your tool kit at best.

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