Sync2 Activation Key With Product key Free Download

Sync2 Activation Key With Product key Free Download 2022

Sync2 Activation Key information between various PCs utilizing external USB gadgets, shared network FTP, or folder. You can share and sync Tasks folders, Outlook Calendar, and Contacts with Google administrations. Synchronize Outlook between numerous computers either with Google Calendar or Gmail Contacts. If you are searching for a fast and simple method for synchronizing Microsoft Outlook folders’ information on at least two PCs or with Gmail Contacts service, Tasks, and Google Calendar, this application is for you.

You need to install Sync2 activation 2 code on your PCs running Outlook 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, as well as on PCs of your favored colleagues. After a couple of steps, you will prepare to have synchronized entirely Outlook folders that will appear to be identical on every single synchronized PC. All changes will consequently engender to the synchronized folders after every synchronization, even without opening Microsoft Outlook and can be planed or do manually.

Select single direction synchronization to move changes from Outlook to Google or from Google to Outlook only. The synchronization made utilizing transportable documents that enable you to use a full cluster of USB storage gadgets or shared network folders without a server cost.

Sync2 Activation Code Download

Sync2 activation code is a ground-breaking Microsoft Outlook synchronization program for the individuals who use Outlook on their PC at work, notebook in a hurry, and on a few different PCs for the day. With Sync2, it is possible to adjust Outlook folders, for example, contacts, tasks, email, schedule, notes, and journals between various PCs without a server, synchronize Google Contacts with Outlook Contacts, Share Outlook Calendar with Google Calendars and many more.

Having similar email messages open on different PCs may not be too difficult a feat. Yet, an email customer is more than a tool to offer access to messages stored on a server. A large portion of them give filtering options, store contacts, or include a schedule holding your week after week plan, organization of the messages, every one of them attached to the local client.

In the case of Microsoft’s Outlook, a third-party tool can assist you with having similar data over various PCs. Sync2 activation code for Outlook is one utility made because of this reason.

For work, the application requires a version of Microsoft Outlook to be accessible on the system. Otherwise, the installation procedure doesn’t begin.


Main features of Sync2 Crack Keygen Free Download

Synchronize Microsoft Outlook on various PCs without a server

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Synchronize (Clone) your Outlook individual folders, Tasks, E-sends, Calendar, Contacts, with your laptop or second desktop without the Exchange Server.

Sync different Outlook Calendar folders with the Google Calendar

Synchronize Outlook Calendar with the Google Calendar. Share and access Outlook Calendar through the cell phone or web.

Synchronize Outlook Contacts folder with Google Contacts

Presently all extra contact fields, for example, “Nickname,” “Birthday,” “Website,” “Anniversary,” “Person,” are synchronized. Make your contacts the equivalent of your Gmail and Outlook.

One-way synchronization choice among Outlook and Google

Sync2 enables you to move changes made in Calendar or/and Contacts in one of the chose directions – from Google to Outlook or from Outlook to Google. Along these lines, the changes or recently made things will move one way only.

Microsoft Outlook Tasks sync with Google Tasks Lists

Sync2 enables its clients to synchronize Microsoft Outlook Task folders with Google Tasks Lists, which makes it conceivable to get to the synced Outlook Task folder information through Tablet, Computer, or cell phone. One-way Outlook – Google synchronization allow sharing the Task folder to associates or partners, without accepting any changes made to Outlook. With Sync2, you can synchronize Outlook Tasks between multiple computers through Google Tasks.

Instant sync after changes made in Microsoft Outlook

Your information would now be able to be synchronized immediately after any changes in Outlook. You can be sure that the changes you make in Microsoft Outlook will show up on the other gadget or in your Google account right away. Instant synchronize is turned on by default, yet it tends to be disabled from the settings if you don’t need it.

Synchronize any Outlook Personal Folders

Sync2 will ensure that your Outlook folders on all PCs engaged with synchronization will appear to be identical. Synchronize Microsoft Outlook subfolders and folders, even with your very own custom forms and imported things.

Synchronize Microsoft Outlook Exchange Folders

Presently Exchange Mailbox can be synchronized with different computers. Synchronize and share Outlook Folders with your collaborators without the Exchange Server.

Synchronization across various Outlook versions

Synchronization crosswise over various Outlook versions(Outlook® 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019)

You don’t have to stress if Outlook versions of PCs you need to synchronize differently. Synchronization works over any Outlook versions.

Synchronize Outlook whenever you need

Schedule synchronization, and it will be done naturally without your interference. Start synchronization manually whenever you need without opening Outlook.

Complete automatic background synchronization

Sync2 works straightforwardly with MAPI without interference with your Outlook. Sync2 will synchronize information without intruding on your work. When setting up, the sync will run at the planned time in the background regardless of whether Outlook is running or not.

Event-based synchronization

Occasion based synchronization, just changes are moved! No compelling reason to convey or share the entire PST file. Sync2 will detect and move only the most recent changes made. It makes every resulting synchronization finish in a few seconds.

Learn more about Sync2 ActiveSync like interface

Sync2 interface is straightforward and easy to use. We designed it with the goal that anybody could utilize it. No, an IT expert is required.

4Team FTP Sharing Service

You would now be able to use our FTP Sharing Service without setting up your FTP server. Make your FTP Sharing Service account using your email address and password, and start synchronizing your Outlook folders.

Work offline or online

Data changed while offline will be accessible to your partners when you go online once more.


You can utilize standard strategies to verify your channels and information (VPN, LAN, Peer-to-peer secure connections, and so on.) through Sync2 data that sent.

System Requirements of Sync2 activation code:

Operating System:

Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2

Microsoft Windows Vista

Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 8

Mirror Links:-

Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Microsoft Windows Server 2008


Minimum: 768 MB

Recommended: 2 GB or more

CPU type:

Pentium III-compatible or higher

CPU speed:

Minimum: 500 MHz

Recommended: 1 GHz or higher

Sync2 Activation Code:






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