VideoPad Video Editor Crack + Registration Code Free Latest

VideoPad Video Editor 11.45 Crack + Registration Code Free Latest [2022]

Introduction: Initially released in 10.64 by NCH, VideoPad Video Editor Pro 11.45 Crack is a video editing program. This application is developed for home users as well as for professionals.

About the developer: NCH software company has developed this video editor. NHC is a computer software manufacturing company of Australia. It produces programs for a wide range of organisations. This may include programs for business, music, video, graphics etc.

More About Video Editing Software: To handle the sequences of filmmaking and video production, is the task of a video editor. The sequence is operated on the non-linear editing system of the computer. This system is something that enables the users to formulate the audio or video editing in a way that the real content is not improved. Although, the edits made are modified by the system. Hence, in simple words, Video Editing is handling and arranging video shots.

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It is a part of the suite developed by NCH. This suite includes several other parts which compliment it. Software designed by NCH, WavePad, MixPad, and PhotoPad make the video editor classier. These three software tools are themselves, editors. WavePad is an editor of sound, MixPad is a program which mixes sound whereas PhotoPad is a photo editor.

Features: The features of this video editor are listed below-

    • All the currently used formats are supported by this editor. Hence the Audio Video interleave, Windows Media Video etc., are supported.
    • With this editor installed, one can directly upload videos to YouTube and other social media apps.
    • It makes use of two screens. One is for the review of the selected video or audio while the other is for reviewing the entire track.
    • Light, colour and text effects can be easily introduced to the video.
    • The time this editor takes to make your video of 40 sec is 49.0 minutes.


The tools which make this editor best of its kind includes-

    • Video stabilizer
    • Chroma key
    • 3d editing
    • 360° editing
    • Masking Tool
    • Motion Tracking
    • 4k compatibility
    • Closed captions

VideoPad: Free or Not

This video editor, as most of the apps, can be used as a free version or a paid version. For sure if you are getting something for low or no cost, there will be a defect in the item. The same rule follows here. The free version has some defects.

Free version: You can have the great editor installed in your device for free. But as already mentioned, it has limited features. Only a few exports are supported by this version. They are AVI and WMV in particular. Plugins too are not supported here. Also, the version limits simultaneous video tracks. Only two simultaneous tracks are allowed. Once the trial period expires, it limits exports. There are many other smart features that are denied in this version. But, if still you want the editor to be free, you can have this version.

VideoPad Video Editor Crack + Registration Code Free Latest

Non-free version: This is the master version with all the smart features endowed within it. Along with supporting various exports, it has many highly advanced features. It does support plugins. There is no limit for simultaneous video tracks. Blu-ray Discs can also be generated.

Mirror Links:-

Operating systems:

    • Windows XP
    • Mac OS X 10.5
    • Android 2.2.3
    • iOS 6.0


Reviews can play an important role in helping you decide whether a program is for you or not. Sometimes it happens that the exaggerated features found out to be false. It is here where reviews change the game. The honest sayings (positive or negative) of the people who have used the software are termed as reviews.


    • Generally, the reviews which this editor has got, are positive that is in favour. Most users think that this program is advanced with easy to use features which can be operated even by a beginner.
    • A columnist said that it has a voice over feature. Voice over is narrating about an incident by an artist who himself is not visible in the video but some other actions are displayed on the screen at the same time. This voice over feature is not found in most of the well-known editors like Windows Movie Maker.
    • (a software web portal) praised the editor. It claimed that the editor is simple and easy to operate.
    • A writer of TopTenReviews felt that it is best for the beginners.
    • For a cntributor from Maximum PC, this is the best editor available.


    •, along with praising the application, said that it is not too suitable for professional users. As the features in the editor are not too advanced for the professional users, for them it is just a basic tool.
    • The same writer from TopTenReviews claimed that it lacks some of the crucial features that an app of this field must have.

Way to Crack

If you have finally decided to use this Video Editor to glorify your videos, just crack the editor following these simple steps.

Step 1. Search for the download link of the latest version of the editor. Download the application and proceed to install.

Step 2. After installing the application, download VideoPad Video Editor Crack file.

Step 3. As the file is downloaded, extract it and install the file.

Step 4. Just follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

Step 5. Proceed to activation in order to access all the available features.

The application is installed and activated in your device.

Final Words

From the pros and cons mentioned above, you might have decided upon whether the application is capable to fulfil your desires or not. The reviews are provided from the words uttered by some well known professional personalities. They might help you.

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From the reviews, one might have extracted the fact that VideoPad Video Editor crack is an excellent video editing tool for the beginners. A fresher will not find any working issue while operating the application. He will be able to edit the video professionally. Although, some professional users may find it too basic due to lack of full-bodied mixture feature and disability to deliberate.

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