Windows 10 Pro Product Key Generator 64/32 bit Crack (2022)

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Today we’ll give you Windows 10 Product Key Generator. It will help you generate keys to activate the Windows and unlock all the advance features without buying a license from Microsoft. So Download Windows 10 Product Key Generator and enjoy a fully activated version of Windows on your PC or Laptop.

Interface & Features Of Windows 10 Product Key Generator:

User Interface:

Being a new operating system, you can expect a visual change to accompany the Windows 10 update. With Windows 10, we will see Microsoft design language. A continuation of the modern design principles found on Windows Phone in Windows 8 with Windows 10.

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Microsoft Corp is continuing to flatten just about every appearance of the UI that they can get their hands on. The whole OS looks like it was ironed with virtually no 3d elements or drop shadows. Even all the icons abut thinned or hollowed, making them even more minimal than before.

File Explorer:

The one area where we see color is in File Explorer, which still stands out as being different from the rest of the UI in terms of customization.


Users can now also choose various accent colors under settings and have these displayed on the Start menu and taskbar. Alternatively, users can leave the Start menu and taskbar dark or let windows choose an accent color for you based on your background wallpaper.



For new OS multitasking features, users can still use a snap feature to split an application on one side of the screen with another on the other side. It makes working between documents or programs a breeze.

Although the Snap feature is not new, there are some improvements to Windows 10. For instance, we can now snap up to four apps onto one display.

Snap Assist:

There’s also a new snap assist feature that lets you pick which app you want to snap to the other half of the display. It’s ingenious works well and makes one the most critical multitasking features in Windows even better.

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Alt+Tab Method:

Speaking of multitasking, the alt+tab method to switch between apps is still present with a more beautiful looking design.

Task View:

There’s also a new task view option complete with its button on the taskbar. This feature lets you get a metal look at your desktop and all programs running to let you easily choose which application you want to go to, or you even close it under the task view.

Multiple Desktops:

You can also find a new ability to add more desktops, which is even a better way to manage your projects or to keep your social apps away from your work apps.

All in all, the new look to Windows 10 is keeping aligned with Microsoft’s minimalist clean and high contrast approach to UI design.

Text & Font:

Text is highly visible, and a new thin font with wireframe icons gives us a very modern look.


App stores are nothing new, but Microsoft Corp has finally done the right thing that emerged all their services into one store for Windows 10. This combination includes stores for apps, games, music, and movies, and TV, all under one virtual roof.

Now users can purchase songs, TV shows, and the latest Windows games all from the same app besides unifying the separate stores.

New Design:

The app itself has an entirely new design with a more top-down approach, as opposed to the previous left-to-right method. Whether you like new store designs, it will be a personal preference. But with the more extensive, more professional app, images, better information flow, and the surfacing of related content, the store certainly feel and looks better from my perspective.

Detailed Information:

Like any app store clicking on an app or game will deliver information about the software, screenshots, ratings, reviews, general information, and similar apps that people also like.

Since the apps and games are becoming universal with Windows 10 PC and Windows 10 mobile singular store listings are becoming conventional, with users having the ability to choose between phone or PC.


For images, movies, and TV, users can watch trailers rent movies or buy titles in standard or high-definition. There are also built-in reviews with cast and crew information. Also, prices are competitive, although you may occasionally find cheaper things on Amazon.

Groove Music:”

Under music, you can preview songs by individual tracks or whole albums. If you’ve got a groove music pass for paying per month, you can also stream albums and even download them for offline use to your phone, tablet, PC, or laptop.

However, this can be a bit confusing as you can only use the groove pass in the groove app but does nothing in the music store. The music store is merely for purchasing music, but you can’t download tracks using your group pass once explained; it makes sense. But if you’re a groove music pass holder. Also, finding the download menu button in the groove app isn’t apparent.

Overall the new store is a massive step in the right direction. There’s still plenty of room for improvement. For instance, apps and games do not even reveal which version number they are nor when they were last updated. I also still find the divide among groove music, app, and music store a bit confusing as well.

Store Updates:

Also, there’s one excellent feature that I like about the store is the ability for it to update itself through the store. Indeed we have seen Microsoft Pharrell numerous updates over the last few months, and we are sure there are many more to come.

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