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Today we’re giving you Windows 7 crack Generator, and we’re going to highlight features in Windows 7. And let me say right here at the outset this list is by no means exhaustive. There are certainly more features in Windows 7. So download Windows 7 Product Key Generator and unlock all the features and tools in Windows 7.

Features Of Windows 7 Product Key Generator:

Jump Lists:

Jump lists work off the taskbar and at times of the Start menu as well. You will see here, and these provide a quick way to access specific information. In this case, when we’re looking at Internet Explorer’s jump list, you can quickly go to pin sites which are like favorites to sites you frequent or open a new tab or start an in private session. So you can see how jump lists can be helpful.

Aero Snap:

Aero snap allows you to quickly manipulate multiple windows to allow you to organize your windows a little bit better. It’s great for folks who are useful for working with multiple monitors, and they find themselves working on a PC with much less screen. Real estate dragging a window to the side of the top will either make it half the screen or maximize it to fill the screen depending on where you’re pulling.


Going beyond save searches that you had with Windows Vista. Libraries allow you to aggregate multiple folder content into single easy to manage views. So you might go to the documents library, but within that documents library, you can have multiple folders.

New Ribbon Interface:

Also, there’s a new ribbon interface on WordPad and Paint. It’s not a complete necessity, and these features are not in order of importance in any way, but it’s nice to see a new interface. And nonetheless, it shows that Microsoft is still interested in enhancing the look of applications that perhaps we’ve become comfortable with. And hopefully, this improves the function as well.

Windows Live Applications:

Windows Live apps within the operating system in addition to Internet Explorer. You still have a media player DVD maker as well as a media center. But Windows Mail, Windows Photo Gallery are parts of the parental controls. All of these have been moved off of the operating system. And they now become a downloaded set of apps.

So you can download your Windows Mail or photo gallery from Microsoft. What’s nice about this is you can download these tools for XP and Vista as well so you can take advantage of these applications right now even before Windows 7 goes live.

Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer is available for download for XP and Vista as well. But it’s included directly within Windows 7. Also, it consists of a host of new features like accelerators web slices and an enhanced phishing filter called the smart screen filter. You also have private browsing and in private filtering.

User Account Control Slider:

Moreover, the user account control slider from the day Windows Vista was released there have been complaints about user account control frustration. Finally, it has an easy method to control the user account control.

Action Center:

It is an enhanced security center with maintenance included in the mix. So it’s your one-stop for UAC settings, backup, recovery, and so on.

Windows Firewall:

Also, there are some slight enhancements to the Windows Firewall. Now it is broken up into public and private networks, so that allows you to configure a particular set of rules for your home or work networks. Also, a public set of rules for places like airports or coffee shops.

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BitLocker Improvements & BitLocker To Go:

BitLocker is an encryption feature. It was introduced with Windows Vista. The initial release could only encrypt the system drives, but Service Pack 1 gave us the ability to encrypt non-system drives as well. And then, a tool called the BitLocker Drive preparation tool, which is part of the Vista ultimate extras pack, made the implementation of BitLocker a whole lot easier.

Well, now, in Windows 7, we have all of those features included within the operating system. And the introduction of one more function the ability to encrypt removable USB drives with BitLocker encryption.

App Locker:

Furthermore, this replaces software restriction policies as the means for identifying and controlling which applications can run on a system using a variety of methods such as the file name, path, and hash calculation via either group policy or the local security policy of the system.

Also, you can create rules and exceptions with a simple slider that allows you to dial-up or dial down the level of control up being more lenient down being stricter.

Home Groups:

Sharing music, pictures, videos, and documents has never been easier. Home groups help to simplify the tasks and sharing within your home network. The only caveat here is that you have to be running Windows 7 to join a homegroup.

Credential Manager:

It is a new tool located in the control panel that’s designed to help you to maintain credentials usernames and passwords for those systems and sites that can utilize the credential manager solution. Also, it’s a good idea, but it is limited to those sites that will work with it. The one thing you can see here is that your usernames and passwords are kept in what’s called the Windows vault. Also, you can backup the vault and restore it.

Problem Steps Recorder:

It is an easy to use application for persons that are having difficulties. The person with a problem turns on the recorder. They have to type PSR in the instant search of the Start menu. To do that and then they proceed to recreate the problem that they’re having once they stop the recording a zip file is put together with an XHTML report of the step by step actions. And screenshots that are taken as the user moves through the operating system to recreate the problem.

That zip file can be emailed to whoever the support person is, and then based upon what they see, that person can figure out what the problem is on the system. It certainly is excellent for any of us who have to do tech support for all of our family members.

New Troubleshooting Link:

It is located within the control panel, and this link makes it easy to identify all of your troubleshooting wizards and diagnostic tools. They’re all in one location.

Media Player & Media Center Enhancements

The latest versions of media player 12, which include a new library and now playing views as well as codec updates including h.264 support. These are combined with the new media center, which provides for new visual enhancements and functional improvements.

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PowerShell version 2.0:

Having PowerShell version 2 on the desktop will allow for remoting. As a result, IT administrators can use PowerShell commands to monitor or maintain systems to collect data, to run scripts, to distribute necessary updates, and to enforce changes uniformly on multiple systems and much much more.

System Requirements:

  • CPU: 1 GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
  • RAM: 1 GB RAM (32-bit) and 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
  • HDD Storage: 16 GB available hard disk space (32-bit) and 20 GB (64-bit)
  • DirectX Version: DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver

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