Wondershare TunesGo Crack + Registration Code {2021}

Wondershare TunesGo Crack + Registration Code Download {Win + MAC 2022}

TunesGo Crack is an application software program with a mission to provide much easier management of files and other content of your Apple products and iTunes library. It is touted to have capabilities that iTunes does not have, some of which are its uncomplicated ways of sharing files among multiple Apple devices and converting the imported media files to iOS enabled ones. This software was not developed to be a replacement for iTunes as you will still have to make use of Apple software for some of its functions. It only provides backup for iTunes along with its other options that are not available in iTunes.  It does not just allow you to move your important files from iTunes and your computer, but you can also move files from your iTunes and computer to any of our Apple devices like your iPhone, iPod and iPad. This software enables you to instantly convert files to formats that are compatible with your Apple devices. Without complications, you can move your photos to your computer from any of your Apple devices. Using the drag and drop technique can help you to save them. If you like hard copies, you can print your photos from your computer and share them as desired.

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With this software, you can manage your contacts, edit, import and get rid of all duplicate copies quickly. From your Outlook, you can move your files to your Android or move them from your PC to your Apple device. It can be easily installed to your device. On installation, you are instructed to connect the software to the device of your choice. If you have contacts that you would like to export from your PC to your new iDevice, TunesGo can make this happen, using a variety of formats like CSV, Outlook Express, Vcarda and a few others.

This software also has an enviable interface. It is without clutter and is instinctive. It is easy to use with straight forward tutorials. It is properly designed and responsive. It also has a dependable backup system. Not all things are backed up by iCloud except items purchased through iTunes. This is quite limiting. Except you have an alternative backup, all items on your Apple device that are not from iTunes instantly get lost if anything happens to your device. It is therefore very crucial to have a local backup for your files that are non-iTunes and this software is that local backup that you need.

TunesGo crack offers you an open-ended approach to backing up your files. To transfer files or songs from your Apple device, you can decide to move them to any folder on your PC’s external drive, your iTunes library or another Apple device. If you want to update your iTunes library from any portable device, you can use the Smart Export tool because it is proven to be the best option to use to retrieve missing music files. If it is your desire to easily move files from one Apple device to another, this software makes that possible for you. It makes this feat achievable in record time among multiple Apple devices.

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    • With its efficient app management, you can save your mobile data
    • It has a modern outlook and an interface that is easy to use
    • It fixes ID3 tags for a lovely music listening experience
    • It offers a wide variety of uniquely designed functions and tools that help to manage the life span of your mobile device
    • It can easily move your data from your computer to your Apple product or Android
    • It ensures your songs don’t have duplicates
    • You stand to enjoy perfect rooting your Android device
    • It has a customized iPhone ringtone
    • It has a competent file explorer that affords you full access to all parts of your device
    • It arranges your images on your Android or PC
    • It provides a complete backup for your device and you can choose to move files to other devices
    • You can delete, edit, view, make albums, modify and do so much more with it on your device
  • Wondershare TunesGo Crack + Registration Code {2021}

This software also comes with some guarantee:

    • It promises to be clean and safe from any form of malware
    • It provides help and full assistance for users
    • It has 100% security and is very reliable
    • It provides live updates about latest improvements that you can enjoy
    • It has a 30-day return policy


    • It easily exports videos, music and all other files from your device to any folder of your choice
    • It simplifies backing up, restoring, exporting, importing of files
    • It is known to be the safest tool to use for restoring media from your device if you don’t have iTunes backu


    • It is not considered to be cheap
    • You are not allowed to edit the Smart playlist

What does wondershare tunesgo crack cost?

TunesGo crack has been created for Windows and Mac products and goes for $49.95. This price is the subscription fee for a year. If you want to make a lifetime subscription payment, it goes for $59.95. I consider it a very smart deal to pay for a lifetime subscription but you get a better deal if you go for the free version. This way, you will not feel so bad if it does not give you the desired services.


TunesGo Crack is a tool that many Apple owners find valuable. Apple products are known not to be very compatible with many other products so finding software that pairs all your devices including the ones from Apple is a welcome relief. It functions very well and fulfills all its promises. One of its outstanding features is its ability to move files from one Apple device to another without any complication. It also manages non-media files like your contacts and SMS. The only challenge known with this software is its price but since it is available for free, there is no cause for alarm. In all, it is a great tool to use to manage your device’s content and iTunes library

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